CicLAvia Encounters Occupy LA

CicLAvia participants and Occupy LA demonstrators cross paths near City Hall.

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Spoke Folk Meet Spokespersons at City Hall

CicLAvia participants rest amid the Occupy LA protest encampment at City Hall.

Occupy LA protesters make a statement at City Hall.

CicLAvia’s planners say that part of its purpose is to allow Angelenos to discover LA. On Sunday, October 9, 2011, many cycling by City Hall encountered more than this icon’s distinctive architecture — placard-carrying protesters from the Occupy LA encampment surrounding City Hall met them with signs and chants.

Perhaps in an “only in LA” fashion, members of these two world-wide movements greeted each other with respect, engaging in peaceful interactions.

This third CicLAvia is part of a movement started more than three decades ago in Colombia. Occupy LA is an outgrowth of the Occupy Wall Street movement started last month in New York City, which some commentators see as an expansion of the Middle East freedom protests often referred to as the Arab Spring.

An estimated 130,000 people biked, rollerbladed, strolled, or otherwise took to the streets as part of CicLAvia. Hundreds have been camped on the lawns surrounding City Hall since October 1st, expressing dissatisfaction with the economy. Both have a message for improving America.

While CicLAvia was one day, Occupy LA is ongoing at City Hall for the indefinite future. The Occupy LA participants we encountered were a friendly and engaging group. If you’re interested in this movement, you can hop on the Metro and check it out. There are Metro Red/Purple Line and Gold Line stations near City Hall.

Occupy LA protesters span all age groups.

Map-Civic Center Station to City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall is 3 blocks from the Civic Center Red/Purple LInes Metro station.

Map-Little Tokyo Station to City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall is 5 blocks from the Little Tokyo Gold Line station.

Los Angeles City Hall fills the square block between First, Temple, Main, and Spring Streets in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Occupy LA protesters are camped on the lawn areas of the First, Spring, and Temple Street sides of the building.

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1 Response to CicLAvia Encounters Occupy LA

  1. John David Lamb says:

    Great photos! Yes, we must come together and get something done. We are doing our best here in Seattle. Keep up the good work! — D. Lamb

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