About This Blog

Join Us in Discovering LA by Metro

This website and blog are a personal travelogue of our explorations of Los Angeles via the Metro light rail/subway system.

As we visit each Metro station, we are discovering the diverse neighborhoods that form LA. You’re invited to come along as we explore the communities around the Metro. We invite you to share your experiences. Please send us your recommendations for our adventures at
lametroduo (at) gmail (dot) com.

We love finding fun, funky events and places. We’re drawn to the historic, the artistic, and the up-and-coming. We enjoy experiencing the broad spectrum of cultures, arts, music, and (of course) food that can be found conveniently close to Metro stations.

We realize that our tastes may not suit everyone. Because this is not a tourism directory, we often get off the train at the stations less visited. While the attractions/events we’ve chosen do include recognized tourist destinations, we usually focus on what we consider hidden gems which you might not find in a standard guide book. For example, we’ve shared our experiences of Pasadena’s Doo Dah Parade, but not its more famous Rose Parade. And we’re more attracted to East LA’s El Mercado than to Olvera Street.

We avoid many touted commercial venues/events in favor of community-developed locales and events. Because we follow our own instincts, we may not always hit on winners. We’ll gladly warn you of our misses.

We hope that our adventures will help guide tourists and locals alike to explore and enjoy Los Angeles without a car.

All photography, graphic images, and text copyright © and may not be downloaded or used without written permission.
Please contact us to license usage of images or text.

2 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Love the site and the project. Anything metro related is great by me!!

    I am doing a similar project here in Mexico CIty!

    Check it out! http://www.mexicocitymetro.wordpress.com/


    • metroduo says:

      We love your site too — http://www.mexicocitymetro.wordpress.com/– fun photos and valuable info. And what an adventure — every station in Mexico City’s metro!
      We’re in the process of doing photo profiles of every station on the LA Metro light rail/subway for our (coming soon) website, LA by Metro — which is an extension of this blog. We’ll let you know when our website’s running….
      Happy travels!

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