Play Me, I’m Yours — Across LA until May 3, 2012

youth plays public paino in train station as crowd gathers

“Play Me, I'm Yours” piano in Union Station (outside Starbuck's near the Red Line) captures the attention of travelers.

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Public Art Meets Performance Art at 30 Street Pianos around Los Angeles County April 12 – May 3, 2012

Across Los Angeles County, you can hear the sound of pianos, often where you’d least expect, thanks to the three-week street art project “Play Me, I’m Yours.”

This project comes to LA for the first time via the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra in celebration of their conductor-pianist’s 15th anniversary season. The three-week installation began at noon April 12 with the simultaneous playing of the Prelude from Book I of Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” on all 30 pianos.

Union Station and El Pueblo Historical Monument:

The Union Station piano is near the entrances to Starbuck’s and the Metro Red/Purple Lines.
The piano at El Pueblo Historical Monument is on the west side of  the Plaza, near the church.

a couple plays public piano at Union Statiion, Los Angeles as part of " Play Me. I'm Yours" art project

“Play Me, I’m Yours” began in London in 2008. The project, created by British artist Luke Jerram, has now seen more than 500 pianos installed in cities across the globe, from New York to Sydney, all bearing the simple instruction: “Play Me, I’m Yours.”

“Play Me, I’m Yours” is a celebration of music and art and a great way to explore different neighborhoods across the county. There are 30 street pianos in public spaces, all decorated by local artists, and all available for anyone to play, day or night.

Bunker Hill: California Plaza and Wells Fargo Center:

Exit Pershing Square Red/Purple Line Metro Station on the north side (4th Street) and use Angels Flight Railway up to California Plaza. Wells Fargo Center is across Grand Ave.

Play Me, I'm Yours piano at Well's Fargo Center is surrounded by skyscrapers

These artfully adorned pianos can be found (via interactive map) from the east side to the west side and from the harbor area to the foothills. Many of the pianos are easily accessible by Metro light rail/subway.

Los Angeles City Hall Complex:

The street piano is on North Main Street in the plaza area across from City Hall.

a crowd surrounds piano being played at LA City Hall Comples as part of "Play Me, I'm Yours

The “Play Me, I’m Yours” street pianos offer an interesting enticement to explore various neighborhoods. We saw many families giving their children an opportunity to show their stuff. We also met several adult players who sought out and tried different pianos to find the best tone. One pianist, Steve Rand, said he came to Vroman’s Bookstore Plaza in Pasadena because he doesn’t have a piano at home, only a keyboard.

Vroman’s Bookstore Plaza, Pasadena:

The street piano is in the courtyard behind Vroman’s Bookstore in Old Pasadena.

We’ve only had time to visit six of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” street pianos. Send us your photos of the ones you visit so we can all share this experience.

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5 Responses to Play Me, I’m Yours — Across LA until May 3, 2012

  1. jose luis diaz says:

    every body enjoys events like this……bring all kind of people together

  2. drlucy99 says:

    LA sounds like a fabulous city these days.

    • metroduo says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lucy! LA has improved a lot in the past few years, and it’s getting better all the time. And when more people take Metro instead of clogging the freeways, it’ll be even nicer!

  3. jkusnick says:

    Great article and photos, Metroduo!

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