Blossoms in the Fall Colorful, Festive

“Kimonos Through the Ages” are spotlighted during the “Blossoms in the Fall” Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Cherry Blossom Festival’s “Blossoms in the Fall” Brings Music, Dance, Cultural Exchange to Little Tokyo

Only in Los Angeles can you step off the Metro light rail and watch Polynesian dancers.

Members of Halau Hula O Na Ka Lokelani perform Hawaiian dances, a reminder of the intertwining of cultures in Japanese-American heritage.

All the elements of a successful festival came together for the Cherry Blossom Festival’s “Blossoms in the Fall” September 24 – 25, 2011. From the high quality of the entertainers to the broad spectrum presented, it was clear that the organizers wanted those attending to have a good time – and we certainly did. The event was well planned with plenty of amenities for those attending: well set stages with plenty of chairs for those watching the entertainment, ample restroom facilities, good quality vendors, tables with shade umbrellas for eating, and a very convenient location.

Entertainment ranged from traditional Japanese folk music to popular music, from kimono fashions to Polynesian dancers, from martial arts demonstrations to displays of historic photos, and more. We enjoyed everything.

Members of Capoeira Batuque demonstrate Brazilian martial arts, part of the multi-cultural presentations during the “Blossoms in the Fall” Cherry Blossom Festival.

This year’s location was an enclosed parking lot adjacent the Little Tokyo/Arts District Gold Line Metro station. The enclosed area at first seemed a bit isolated from the charm of Little Tokyo, but there was so much to see that the slight separation quickly became a non-issue for us. We will be curious to hear how the merchants on Little Tokyo’s North First Street found the enclosed approach rather than having the festival in the middle of the business district, as fewer festivalgoers might be drawn into their businesses.

Whichever venue, enclosed or in the streets, is chosen for the next festival, we’re looking forward to attending – spring or fall.

City councilwoman Jan Perry joins kimono models for fashion show at the “Blossoms in the Fall” Festival.

We shared photos and impressions of last year’s event in three earlier posts (Gold Line Event: Little Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Festival, Event Update: Little Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Festival and Gold Line Event: Fall Blossoms in Little Tokyo Sept. 24-25). We’ll be sharing more photos from this event when we preview the next festival, so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Blossoms in the Fall Colorful, Festive

  1. Bruce Mitchell says:

    Once again you’ve done a bang up job of reporting, and the pics are terrific! These blog notices should be printed in the LA Times and put up on their website! THX

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