Welcome to Our Blog!

We’re the LA Metro Duo, a couple who enjoys exploring LA via the Metro light rail/subway. She lives near a Gold Line station and he lives near an Expo Line station (coming soon). Both of us are photographers. We delight in being tourists in one of the world’s most diverse cities and turning our lenses on the Metro experience.

We believe that one of the most enjoyable ways to explore a world-class city is via its public transit — think London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, etc. So why not Los Angeles?

We see the Metro as more than transportation. It is part of our activities and outings, not just a way to get to an event or place. We hope you’ll join us by letting us know some of your favorite Metro experiences and destinations. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend explorer, we hope you’ll gain some new “faves” here.

And if you’re a visitor, it’s easier, less expensive, and less hassle to go to many of LA’s wonderful attractions by Metro rather than by car.

So join us as we continue to explore
the diversity of the Red Line, Purple Line, Gold Line, Blue Line, and Green Line — and, coming soon, Expo Line. With this blog, we can share our adventures of discovering Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods; exploring LA culture, architecture, and history; savoring great foodand all without a car!

Hop aboard and join us in discovering LA without a car!

All photography, graphic images, and text copyright © and may not be downloaded or used without written permission.
Please contact us to license usage of images or text.

About Metro Duo

Helping Los Angeles visitors and residents find events and activities accessible by Metro Rail — see our blog: https://metroduo.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to Welcome to Our Blog!

  1. Janet Kusnick says:

    Hey Metroduo – loved your downtown skating writeup! Where is the best place for a Westsider to catch the Metro?

    Your other destinations look intriguing as well – I look forward to checking them out!

    • metroduo says:

      Thanks for your comments, Janet! We share your interest in Westsiders’ access to the Metro rail system.

      Next summer, the Expo Line will go to the 7th St./Metro station from either Crenshaw or La Cienega and, next winter, from Venice/Robertson in Culver City, assuming the construction gods cooperate. See the Hello Expo Facebook page for information on the Expo Line construction progress [http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hello-Expo/129341747110269].

      Until then, you can park for free at either the Green Line Aviation station on Imperial Highway near LAX or at the Universal City station on the Red Line, just north of the Lankershim offramp of the 101 Freeway. If you’re going into Hollywood, it’s easier to take the Red Line to Hollywood/Highland or Hollywood/Vine than to hassle with traffic and parking in Hollywood.

      The Red Line goes through the 7th Street/Metro station downtown, where the Blue Line starts, to Union Station, where you can change to the Gold Line. From the Green Line, change to the Blue Line to go north to Watts Towers and downtown LA or south to Long Beach.

      Be sure to buy either a day pass or separate tickets for every leg of your journey at each station you transit. There’s nothing to prevent your changing trains without a ticket or pass, but there are random checks, and the penalty for unticketed travel is painful. If you become a regular rider, a TAP pass is the most convenient way to pay for your Metro travel.

      Happy riding!

  2. Eve says:

    W O W !!! This is BIG! And GOOD! Congratulations you two!

    • metroduo says:

      Thanks, Eve. We’re looking forward to taking you two on a Metro adventure — perhaps the Asia Pacific Museum, off the Memorial Park Gold Line station in Pasadena.

  3. Lisa Citron says:

    Who knew dim sum and ice skating co-existed under the holiday sun! Or that Watts Towers could be sight seen! Sensationally swell blog!

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