How to TAP: Using TAP Cards 101


Initial machine screen

To buy a new TAP Card, press button A. To add dollar value or a fare to your TAP Card, press button G. You can check your balance by pressing button H.

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2 Responses to TAP-new-card#DSC_0395

  1. Jim Preston says:

    At first glance the choices appear to be BETWEEN buttons, and there is really no reason to create this ambiguity. Fortunately I have read this explanation and know which button to push when I come to LA to ride the trains and buses.

    • Metro Duo says:

      When we photographed these screens, the camera was below eye level to avoid reflections in the glass, so it does appear that the buttons don’t line up with the screen designations. When you’re in front of the machine, you will see that they’re properly aligned, unless you’re very tall or very short.

      Apologies for the ambiguity!

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