Riding Metro 101


Add value screen

Lump-sum dollar values can be added to a TAP Card. The amount of each fare is then deducted when you tap for each ride. This is an easy way to handle multiple rides.

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2 Responses to TAP-add-value#DSC_0461

  1. I am a newcomer. It seems fairly easy. I wish I could buy a Tap card in advance before I venture into the great unknown (LA, which my Grandparents were born in 1901). Any advice?

    • Metro Duo says:

      There’s no need to buy a TAP Card before you come to a Metro Rail station. Step up to one of the ticket machines at the entrance to every station and follow the instructions on the screen. It’s easy-peasy!

      The screens have been revised recently and don’t match the step-by-step instructions on our How to TAP page: https://metroduo.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/how-to-tap-101/. We’ll be photographing the new screens and revising the page soon.

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