Event Canceled: Cherry Blossom Festival NOT Happening!

We have just learned that the Cherry Blossom Festival, originally scheduled for this weekend (April 2 and 3, 2011) in Little Tokyo, has been postponed. Organizers cite a funding shortfall and hope to reschedule the festival for September.

We are very disappointed, and we wish the organization well. We really enjoyed last year’s event and were looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

For further information see: http://www.cherryblossomfestivalsocal.org/

We will be posting more Metro adventures soon, so thanks for your interest. Hope to see you on Metro soon!


About Metro Duo

Helping Los Angeles visitors and residents find events and activities accessible by Metro Rail — see our blog: https://metroduo.wordpress.com
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7 Responses to Event Canceled: Cherry Blossom Festival NOT Happening!

  1. Jon Rubin says:

    Great stuff!! The metro system in LA is such a great alternative to transporting through the area. The City and MTA needs to keep the plans moving forward to make the city a more efficient and enjoyable place to live. This site will hopefully play a large role in educating people more about where the metro system takes you, along with all the many great sites LA has to offer. I’ll definitely pass this site along. Thanks for putting this together. -Jon

    • metroduo says:

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for checking out the site and for your kind words.
      We know you’re a real Metro commuter, so we look forward to any suggestions of things that we can cover for our readers — and thanks for becoming one of our readers.
      — Cheers, MetroDuo

  2. Esther Rubin says:

    Your Blog is a great resource for exploring LA’s neighborhoods. BTW, I told a colleague about your blog since he is moving down to LA from the Bay Area and have sent him the link. Since he’s used to using public transportation I thought he’d enjoy learning how to use the metro system and would have fun exploring LA.

  3. Mary Rives Brown says:

    I was really looking forward to your coverage of this and your posts make me so homesick for L.A. I hope your site takes off in a huge way – it has been a joy to receive, and thank you for the white space and judicious use of readable typeface!

    • metroduo says:

      Thanks for your good wishes and for your compliment on our layout! WordPress is easy to use for casual posts, but taming its text wrap around graphics is a challenge.

  4. David Lamb says:

    How sad! The festival looked very exciting, and I was, as usual, wishing I could be there. Thanks so much for keeping us informed of the interesting things going on in LA. I will get back there again one of these days. —David

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